Amber Lights Laguna

E-commerce website refresh and marketing campaign for Amber Lights Laguna – a small business based in the Philippines that sells homemade organic scented candles.

The project called for a website re-design since their previous site was simply hosted on Blogspot which meant that the order and delivery process was done manually. Although they had an exisiting logo which was also applied to their packaging, the brand was not represented on their website. The old Amber Lights Laguna website hosted on Blogspot which didn’t allow users to make purchases online. Products were listed as blog posts that didn’t allow users to search for particular items, while product photos were mostly flat and lacked creative direction. Customer testimonials were mostly dumped on one blog post and was not an enticing read. The only way to place orders was thru the contact page which only displayed the company’s e-mail address and mobile number.

To address these issues, we set them up with a new e-commerce platform, implemented their branding on their site, as well as created initial content for their target audience, discussing topics on Life & Wellness and practical uses of luxury fragrances.


The home page featured the brand’s latest content on Life & Wellness and practical uses of the different luxury fragrances. It also lead to content that helped customers choose the ideal scent for their personalities. Their existing identity was applied to thru out the styling of the site.


New content categories were introduced like “Scenterpiece of the Week” and “What’s Your Scent?” that helped users select a scent based on their horoscope after identifying a customer segment that were astrology aficionados.

The images were also refreshed thru new product photos that encapsulated the elegance and luxury that the product brings by adding these simple items to the customer’s space (Photography by Pam Santos). Users were now able to search for products by category and price. Users were also now able to view the individual product descriptions, product recommendations, and top-rated products.

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