COCO: Connect & Collaborate


A mobile app designed to initiate collaborative projects with other creatives in a given area.


COCO vs. Existing Platforms

There are existing platforms for finding talent, displaying work, project management, media resources, and matching. Coco takes these aspects and simplifies them with in the matching and initiation process.




The Users

Personas were created based on user interviews, carefully considering their individual collaborative styles and creative processes. A rough prototype is created and tested with users early in the process to save time and resources on iterations.


The Logo

The logo takes uses an extended illustration of the “Share” icon commonly used on web platforms to portray connectivity. The blue and orange discs that spell out “COCO” were inspired by diagrams of various design processes.



Color Exploration

The color palette was defined by taking logos of exisitng brands and organizing them according to the aspects relevant to the app. The colors that showed most density in existing brands were picked from the outer ring.


The Prototype


Best Product Concept


“Making Concepts” Contest
Designers & Creatives Toronto
(Nov 2015)


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