Feminist Enterprise Commons: Online Business Incubator Built without Code


The Feminist Enterprise Commons (FEC) is an adventurous, safe, intersectional feminist space for entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives, investors, convenors, and leaders in any sector interested in exploring and applying feminist ideals, values, research, grassroots wisdom and practices to their social change, gender justice and alternative world-making work.

 How We Helped:
 Rapid Prototyping Sprints, Community Design, Web App Development

Petra Kassun-Mutch, Founder of Liisbeth thinks: 
“Expect the unexpected—in a good way. In seeking out socially minded suppliers and service providers, not only did my company get terrific value and service, we also, and in some cases, developed innovative partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs, who consistently inspire my whole team with their tenacity and creativity. And their participation can bring unexpected benefits, too. An example is our recent work with Sisa Lleses, a newcomer and the founder of Design off the Boat , a company with global reach that designs products and brands. In hiring Lleses to help us create an amazing new online incubator for feminists in business, we also saw her company expose our magazine to feminist communities as far afield as the Philippines. We are even starting to receive story proposals about feminist entrepreneurship from journalists in that part of the world. Purposely seeking out, in this case, a company led by a woman of colour, had the welcome side effect of growing our readership and brand reputation within a new community for us.”


LiisBeth is an indie, intersectional feminist, participative media enterprise with a global outlook launched in 2015. They recognized that 82.22% of their subscribers were currently launching or running an enterpise and that 12.22% were considering it for the future. Liisbeth was ready to enter the next phase of growth, although it was uncertain what that would look like. We were invited to join their advisory board meeting, led by Valerie Fox (The Pivotal Point, Forbes’ 50 Over 50) women leaders like award-winning mentor, Vicki Saunders (SheO).


Having defined a concrete goal from the advisory board meeting, we proposed that instead of competing against others in the space, Liisbeth was in a unique position to gather them together into a community that nurutured feminist entrepreneurship for their subscribers across the world. This meant that education, mentorship, and team-building needed to be present on the platform.

We invited the team to join us in a 3-hour Goal Navigation Sprint. It was beneficial to outline strategies and tactics that helped define their new customer journey, the criteria for success, roadmapping the platform development, and prioritiation of the implementation of its many parts.


Through the help of our offshore teams and our Rapid Prototyping Sprints, The Feminist Enterprise Commons had its soft launch after only 3 weeks from its conception.

Learn about feminist business practices and support women entrepreneurs on the Feminist Enterprise Commons web app.

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