Sufficient: Resource Management App


Sufficient is a resource management application that assists aid workers in keeping track of the water requirement and intake of the communities they serve that have limited access to clean water.

The ideation process began with an affinity map to illustrate the current user journey and define the context of how humanitarian organizations go about distributing resources based on our conversations with members of World Vision. This map also revealed the concept for our initial userflow with regards to what information was needed to give an accurate diagnosis for each registered member. The scope was narrowed down to scenarios that occur between small communities and their assigned aid workers keeping in mind the existing databases that can be accessed thru the app. Using a framework by Design Cofounders, we mapped out the goals, context, opportunities and risks, and actions in response to this. The rough wireframes created were then rendered to create the first prototype.

Sufficient is a prototype that was created in under 7 hours at Protohack, a hackathon held at Bitmaker Labs in March 2016. This project was created in collaboration with Elisabet Camprubi, Alkarim Jadavji, KC Adviento, Shreya Shukla, Saabira Vanker, and Ahmed Al-Taha. The team is currently working on creating higher level overviews and identifying diagnostic criteria for the water intake requirement calculation.


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