The Ind_pendent Cafe Toronto

Brand & Store Design for The Ind_pendent, an independent coffee co-op in the heart of the tech/design district in Toronto.


The Ind_pendent Cafe Co-op is located at 96 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada (Photos of bare site)


Client was presented with a moodboard on a brand matrix. (Above) Strongest images from the moodboard indicating client preference. The client was searching for a laid-back urban vibe with the location of the cafe in the center of the city’s tech/design district.



Direction 01

The first attempt was made using only one of the pegs as inspiration. Although the result was aesthetically pleasing and allowed variation in application of the individual elements, the symbolism itself did not reflect what the brand stood for. The symbols are a pop culture reference to the “all-seeing eye” of the Illuminati, often thought to be an invisible power that is said to be the reason for many world conspiracies including the popularity of celebrities.



Direction 02

Explored the possibility of a monogram. The design was selected to go with the final logo below as per client’s request.


Direction 03



Final Logo




The Store




The Menu

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