FPJ: Pinoy Action Star in 8-BIT

The Philippines’ most iconic action star, Fernando Poe Jr. rendered in an 8-bit game prototype.

The Game


As most Filipino action films go, FPJ plays “Totoy Pixelado” who was wrongly accused of a crime and now must find a way to escape prison and save his woman.


The player must avoid contact with the prison guards using the arrow keys. The difficulty increases as FPJ moves down the hall.


It would be hard to list Filipino action films that don’t have a fight scene in front of a roadside karinderya (cafe, restaurant).


The player can move FPJ in any direction with the arrow keys and use his signature rolling punch with the space bar.


No FPJ film will be complete without a warehouse showdown between the big boss, the bomb, and the beauty at the end!

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