E-Commerce Website Design & Development for HOBBRY, Ltd.
The creative tastemakers at HOBBRY, Ltd. sought to redesign their website to not only reflect their brand better but to incorporate a seamless e-commerce experience. They’ve been in the business of creating a wide variety of beautiful gifts so upgrading their online operations was the next logical step to serving their clients better. Here’s how things developed:


We started by identifying their priorities: (a) creating a positive user experience through an online aesthetic faithful to their brand, (b) customer convenience through thoughtful and intuitive UI/UX, and (c) having an efficient web platform that supports the first two goals. It was agreed that we wanted to make sure visitors had an easy way to explore the site, search for creative gift ideas for their events, and showcase the merits of partnering with a brand like HOBBRY when bringing their designs to life.

We avoided misunderstandings due to tech jargon by building rapid prototypes with Shopify. Their ease of use and reliability as an E-Commerce platform allowed us to show rather than tell what we believed would be helpful in achieving our project goals—keeping the parts that work great and throwing out what doesn’t.

Through constant clear and cooperative communication, we kept the project on track as various elements like the site structure, typography, product inventory, and payment channels were implemented, explored, and tested until all parties were satisfied with the fulfillment of our outlined goals.


HOBBRY’s new website possesses a credible visual design that allows their products and content to take center stage even on mobile,  e-commerce functionality that facilitates smooth online purchases via credit cards, and an easy to use blogging platform that allows them to cultivate a deeper relationship with their client base through articles and other content marketing—while still integrating with the essential third party services like their customized business emails with Google’s G Suite.

View the website by clicking here!

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