Saroy Group Inc. Brand & Website Refresh


Brand Development and Website Refresh for Saroy Group Inc.


Every project begins with an executive workshop facilitated by Design Off The Boat, in order to properly frame the problem in the space that it exists in. This session with Saroy Group Inc. allowed us to marry the two separate contexts of Strategy and Training & Development, as well as reconcile the difference in thought structures with the participants.


In order to define where the brand currently exists in the space and to create the opportunity to re-plot the brand in unattended areas of the matrix, we plotted other brands in the space by their main features and services vs. how traditional or innovative their brand/services/strategies are.

We included not just Saroy Group’s competitors but as well as aspirational brands and active players in the space.

Color Exploration

 The same players from the matrix above were distributed by color into the over-arching aspects of Saroy Group’s services: Strategy, Education, and Project Management.

This exposes the most frequently used colors which now provides the brand with the opportunity to follow the trend or stand out by referring to the untapped colors on the chart.

Logotype & Deco

The scope of the project did not require an icon-based logo though it was agreed that the brand needed a stronger typeface that commanded authority without being too stern and represent a solid foundation. Likewise, it needed to showcase flexibility in strategy and a structured flow for critical-thinking.



(Left) Saroy Group Inc. came to us with their early branding. They liked the sleekness of the bold white text on a heavy black background but did not feel like it represented the brand’s vision. (Right) Saroy Group deals with a broad range of topics in various spaces particularly for Training & Development and Business Strategy. Using the back of the card to present scenarios covered by particular topics, paired with the contact information of the team member in-charge of that branch of the company, allows the card to serve dual-functions providing more insight into the service.

Inspiration. ‘Cards Against Humanity’ is a scenario-based card game popular with young professionals. They are also one of Saroy Group’s targeted age group as they are the incoming wave of participants requiring Training & Development particularly in the Education space.

Website Refresh

(Left) The progression of the website refresh from their existing layout, (mid) to the working prototype we built in 2 days to (right) to its current iteration live at


 The Saroy Group Inc. Brand Book is a media kit of helpful guidelines, assets, and resources for use towards consistent application of the brand for marketing and communications initiatives. The book also provides insight into Saroy Group’s background, advocacies, positioning, brand rationale, and strategies.


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