Are you an entrepreneur? Leading a team or organization? Are you a business owner? Have a product or service idea? Do you have an idea? Perhaps even a solution?  Are you passionate about solving a problem but have no idea where to start?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going at it alone or if you only have the beginnings of what you want to build. What makes you a founder is taking the first step to getting to your goal.

This is where you are. 

  • You have an idea. You’re a woman with an important plan.
  • To execute that idea you need to hone two sets of skills: Entrepreneurship & Technical skills.
  • You need entrepreneurship skills to develop your business. You need technical skills to develop your product.
  • You may be gifted with the first but focusing on one side means you pay less attention to the other. Now, you need more time.
  • Your time is limited, so you need help with service or product design and development. 
  • Expert help and talent comes at a price, so you’re considering burning through your savings. Stop right there, please don’t do that.

This is where we work best.

  • We believe the world needs more women like you in the lead towards creating the change our world so desperately needs. 
  • We create a safe-space for you to tackle the storms that come with the entrepreneurial process – especially in the social impact tech space.
  • We co-create with you through inclusive research frameworks like Design Thinking and optimized 5-day processes like Design Sprints.
  • We eliminate technical barriers and unmanageable costs by building without code. 

We help you work with what you have and transform what you don’t have into opportunities to grow.

The entire world is on a deadline – 2030. The United Nations has outlined 17 Sustainable Development Goals that need to be met by the year 2030 before our demise is imminent. The SDGs provide a framework to save the world and creating movement and operating our businesses towards them impacts the shift. Our mission is to remove the design & technical barriers for entrepreneurs and founders willing to step up to the plate and address some of the challenges we are facing.

What role does your business play in the ecosystem? What are the aspects of your business that serve society for a higher purpose and what parts of it are doing more harm than good? We can help you gain that self-awareness. A helpful way to reflect on this is to map out your business’ systems and identify opportunities to create sustainable change. Book an exploratory call with us and let’s get mapping!

“We have a problem. How might we design a solution that is best for the humans that will use it?”
This is the question Design Thinking seeks to answer. Have you ever looked up “startup” or “meeting” stock photos and found people happily working on whiteboards, sticky notes abound, drawing arrows and marking things up? That is what Design Thinking look like on the surface. They are mapping systems which is a big part of what goes into user-centric product design. 

Design Thinkers draw connections and break them apart. They ask the questions needed to frame the problem correctly. They transform what we know into tools and what we don’t into opportunities. I could tell you the IDEO and Google definition and talk about its steps: map, sketch, prototype, iterate. However, I’d rather tell you about  the inclusivity that this creative problem-solving framework nurtures. What is the human desirability, economic viability, and technological feasibility for people coming from different contexts, cultures, backgrounds, specialities, and different ways of seeing?

 It is powerful to be able to have a common language and a very accommodating structure to communicate with. This is your primary weapon in shifting the social norms and we’re here to help you navigate this space!

Prototypes are essential to validating if there is a need for your product. It is also key in learning how to design your solution and if it is actually usable. They need not be perfect and especially don’t have to be expensive. Having a prototype that you can build quickly will allow you to test your hypotheses with real users before you invest in a full build. It’s the best way to learn about your customers directly and way before you’ve gotten too deep into building something that does not work!

A Design Sprint is a way of focused and inclusive collaboration that replaces 100 meetings worth of work in 5 days. Design Sprints allow us to deliver higher value in less time, prioritize challenges, conduct qualitative research through proven creative problem-solving methods that encourage new ways of thinking.

Within this decade, most of the things on the web will be built without code. The No-Code movement has given us the ability to build and iterate with less time, cost, and risk involved. No-Code or Visual Development tools are apps that build apps, software that builds software. It is not the absence of code, but the optimization of it, by placing common features and flows into neat little boxes that can be used modularly to build a platform.

Gone are the days that you need to spend thousands of dollars to hire a team of developers and designers for months to build a prototype for a solution that you have not yet been able to validate. Often with No-Code, it only takes a few weeks to launch a product – when the conditions are right, the time is cut down to a few days. We then take this and test it with the target market. If it fails? Then you learn but you never lose.

Working with us does not only equip you with the things you need as an entrepreneur. You are also opening job opportunities for women-in-tech and design. DotB commits to prioritize hiring women-identifying talent to collaborate on your projects. As we grow as a company, one of our big goals is to create an entrepreneurship & tech enablement program for women and underrepresented groups.

You don’t need to be a tech startup for your business to need a tech piece. Of course, we can help you with the essential website, but there are so much more software pieces that can help you run your business better. Not to mention, the team management piece that needs a special kind of attention.

We bootstrapped (and still are!) building our fully-remote design agency. We’ve learned a lot from our wins & mistakes and about how to operate on close very little resources. We’ve compiled lessons and tools that save us time and money. We’d like to save you the trouble of winging it and help you set up your operations in the most efficient way possible.

We’re always on the hunt for women to work with. Send your CV to asia@designofftheboat.com

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