Plan Workshops Like A Pro

Every expert in every industry has probably had to give a workshop. Some have been doing it for so long that they can pretty much wing it. But if you’re like us and can’t get a good night’s sleep without prepping for all the prep you can prep for, try our Workshop Planner on Miro!

With this template you can:

  • Define who the workshops are for
  • Break down your topic into specific learning outcomes
  • Keep track of all the tools, materials, you need
  • Easily create a budget and generate ticket prices with our calculator
  • Work with your team on Miro to organize everything

 Workshops are great for crash courses on a topic or to optimize discussions and decision-making in your organization. They’re also a fantastic way to build credibility for your brand and show-off your chops. Whatever your goal, you’ll need to organize that workshop in the first place. 

Explore the template by clicking on the pointing hand below, then pan through the board on Miro:

Here at Design Off The Boat, we conduct all sorts of workshops from anywhere in the world. That’s why Miro is the perfect tool for us. We’re as obsessed with it as much as we used to hoard sticky notes. It’s our go-to whiteboard tool. 

If you want to give Miro a try, sign up for a free account! When (not if!) you do fall in love with it like we did, power-up remote collaboration in your organization and  get a 10% discount on the first year of your annual plan with our code: DES10

For access to this template, enter your email address below and we’ll send you an invite:

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