Visual Designer and Strategist | Co-founder, Design Off The Boat

Design Strategist for Startups, Cities, Incubators, and Innovation Hubs

Samantha's multi-faceted design & research-based experience in social entrepreneurship, advertising, urban planning, education, journalism, and UX/UI design has led her to pursue her penchant for city-building & incubation.

She plays both strategist and ambassador as she contributes to creating incubators and innovation ecosystems as well as facilitating global partnerships for under-served cities. She enjoys the thrill of facilitating sprints, rapid prototyping, and cultivating breakthroughs through her ability to custom-design solution-based frameworks, transforming dead ends into strong foundations. She has a soft spot for SDG-related projects and co-creating solutions that transmute digital experiences into physical products and public spaces. She is able to address a wide range of problems on any scale by constantly updating her arsenal, the latest addition being an understanding of the role Artificial Intelligence can play in Social Innovation. She is also a skilled writer & illustrator.

As the culmination of a decade of consulting experience, Samantha founded DotB, a global collective of experienced creative and strategic crews ready to help startups cruise through the enterprise seas. DotB supports social innovation by linking talent from developing nations to startups in North America, nurturing their skills and professional development as well as motivating them to pursue entrepreneurship in their home countries.


Prior to moving to Toronto, Samantha was heavily involved in building the traction for the Hub of Innovation for Inclusion, through projects executed with  “Taft Love: A Participatory Design Movement” and the Benildean Architecture and Design Consortium Inc. There they organized grand town hall sprints, walking tours of the towns hidden gems, workshops introducing Design Thinking into the school curriculums, concerts, skate and street art competitions to mobilize youth for the goal of rehabilitating public spaces and improve standards of living through urban social innovation programs in partnership with local universities and home-grown businesses, under a brand truly representing the community and culture of Manila Bay, with groups from each neighbourhood along the university belt of Taft Avenue –  both affluent and less fortunate members of the community – well-represented in its activities.

Taft Ave. Urban Livability

Project proposal and concept art created for urban rehabilitation projects in collaboration with The Benildean Architecture and Design Consortium, Inc. – an organization fostering community stakeholder

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UNACTO’s Global Goals Creative Workshop

"The thinking section formed itself into five groups and using design thinking principles, tackled each other’s ideas in an iterative process to refine them. Even these non-artists found themselves leaning, at times, on images and crude drawings to elucidate ideas. One participant spoke about the brainstorming he had taken part in, noting that, “a creative outlet for a difficult topic sparks different ideas and ways to approach them.”

Jacob Keszei

Honourable Mention
(Startup Weekend Peel)

Hacked the rules and co-founded a rapid prototyping service by recruiting all design participants in one team dedicated to serving competing hackathon teams, acquired clients, and delivered products under 24 hours. Teams served become top-placers.


Our solutions-oriented frameworks help you reach your goal by breaking down concepts into tools and actionable strategies. Our process reveals the often overlooked and hidden steps to achieve what you need to thrive. This reveals opportunities for innovation and transforms risks into advantages.

Top 10 Designers – Behance Portfolio Reviews 2015