Tag: Branding

The Ind_pendent Cafe Toronto

Brand & Store Design for The Ind_pendent, an independent coffee co-op in the heart of the tech/design district in Toronto.   The Ind_pendent Cafe Co-op

Sufficient: Resource Management App

Sufficient is a resource management application that assists aid workers in keeping track of the water requirement and intake of the communities they serve that

COCO: Connect & Collaborate

A mobile app designed to initiate collaborative projects with other creatives in a given area.   COCO vs. Existing Platforms There are existing platforms for

Amber Lights Laguna

E-commerce website refresh and marketing campaign for Amber Lights Laguna – a small business based in the Philippines that sells homemade organic scented candles. The project

Nescafé Gold Grand Getaway

Campaign pitch and microsite for Nescafé’s Gold Grand Getaway Promo. Winners are given a free trip to San Francisco.   The Pitch   The Microsite

MNL to HK Art Competition & Exhibit

Exhibit Design, Event Production, and Promotional Materials for CFHK’s Youth Art Competion “MNL to HK: Pack your art. Grab your passport. Your exhibit is waiting.”